Rosalind "Roc" Parducci is an improvisor, composer, wordsmith, and musical mad-scientist. Her songs invite listeners on a musical odyssey, tinted by the pigments of jazz, pop and blues. Her lyrics flow from serene to outrageous. She is a sonic illustrator, sharing her observations on life’s oddities, blooming with a profound, spelunkers curiosity, and a spark of eternal spunk.

Through songs and poetry imagining a funky, elastic American folklore, Roc's music is as kinetic as breathing. Her songs and compositions embrace a mirthful, irreverent awareness.


Parducci anticipates a new album coming by early September for minor release, and if there's a ever a Major release, you'll all probably know.

Parducci has a penchant for traditional and new folk fiddle tunes from America, Ireland and Scotland, with rhythms inspired by the ebb and flow of the natural world. If there's an artist hub she has visited, it left its ripple in her spirit. Who knows what might come of it next. Her songs are dedicated to all things odd and wonderful and in-between phases. And dedicated to the creatives, providing the necessary provocation to stimulate and encourage growth.






This fiddler has traveled around the countries, she's young enough to be just over the cusp of prodigee, and old enough to know better, and she's still making music as often as earthly possible.

I would like to encourage anyone looking at this site to seek to your heart's capacity, don't limit yourself too much, love who you are and find a way to "put it into someone else's heart, pumping someone else's blood."

If you're looking to know more about me, check out the music I love.


Emily King



Jenny Scheinman and Bill Frisell


Alasdair Fraser


Jimi Hendrix


Alanis Morisette




Jamie Cullum


Miles Davis


And a few more...


I am a soniconnoisseur, and I tend towards the yin.

Like the Man from Marin, only not (video for reference below)


Also, the Dude Abides, and remember:

"that's just your opinion, man."



Foto credit to Wingspan Media

Foto credit to Wingspan Media