New Single

It's my day of birth, and I am so stoked to send this tune out to the people.

The ONLY place you'll find it is my podunk website, at least for now. <3

You're welcome.

This single…

Mother's Day Love

Happy Mother's Day! 

My mom is a musician, she plays everything... piano, harp, guitar, flute and recorder, sings like a kween, and is a fairy dancer goddess diva lover soulship. 
She raised me to be a wild free spirit…

Steady the boat with your donations

Dear Friends,

I really hope this finds you well. As you may or may not know, I've got an album coming with my band No Pardon..... and so much more art in the works!

The reality of all…


Album Release

Hey friends!


Exciting happenings afoot! No Pardon will be releasing our debut album, Whisper, set to go online on April 26th, with 2 local album release concerts on April 27th and 28th. With over a year in…

New Year incoming

Hello! If you are just checking out my site, I want to wish you a joyous and revelatory, heart-opening 2019.

I have a couple updates:

The No Pardon album-  we're down to 5 tracks to finish mixing, 7…


Ringin' in the Summer

The days are heating up in Humboldt, more and more sun, which means more outdoor time and music festivals!

Lots of opportunities to catch me and my local cats for tunes in the coming months! I will keep updating…

March Music Madness- Debriefing

So a lot's been going on here musically... hence this update. Expect more soon.

The album recording continues with No Pardon, and a new video of a song I wrote a few years back will be surfacing soon! 

February goodness


This week I'm playing a couple shows with Ben Walden in the north country of Corvallis OR and Astoria OR. Catch up with me online, I'll be posting pics and stories on social media. Mayhaps set up…


Ring, ring-a-ling, it's 2018

Welcome to my site, to a new year, one that is hinting to be musically explorative, dynamically in-the-flow, and *empowering for female artists across the globe*

I am presently in Peru, writing from the third story apartment of my…


March Tour

Got back last night after a week on the road. I am so grateful that I had the company of my dear friend Laurel, expert in go-with-the-floetry, positive heckling, puppies, and keeping it real. <3 
A brief recap:
On Thursday…