New Single

It's my day of birth, and I am so stoked to send this tune out to the people.

The ONLY place you'll find it is my podunk website, at least for now. <3

You're welcome.

This single is the first of my upcoming album, Half F__L, dedicated to my wonderful friends and family who have inspired and provoked my continued creative spark. I composed San Andreas Faultline in the living room of a little semi-rural suburban home, linoleum flooring that looked a bit like aged graying oak, with the sonic textures of a grand piano sitting in the corner, which I think added to the tracks it wasn't actively on by simply resonating and channeling sound from its open cover.

At any given point, there were accordions in the room, yes, more than one, more than two!

There were also guitars, and a sofa from a movie set somewhere in Hollywood.

The melody seemed to emerge from beyond the white walls, somewhere past the paintings of colorful birds, and black and white inked birds. The fiddle part blew in with a cool breeze from through the open windows, the bass lines played on cello some kind of irreverent whimsical dance.

Music to me is a constant flow state. Creation of a melody. Harmonies, counterpoint, chordal storytelling. Editing, listening, detail-work.

I hope you enjoy listening.