Ringin' in the Summer

The days are heating up in Humboldt, more and more sun, which means more outdoor time and music festivals!

Lots of opportunities to catch me and my local cats for tunes in the coming months! I will keep updating the social media and events listings here, hope to see you at one or more of these! Tomorrow you can come see Port Mooncall, local Celtic trio, playing at Cafe Mokka from 7-10. Port Mooncall will also be playing at the Folk Life Festival on July 14 at the Dell'Arte Street Stage, shortly before Summer goes venturing into the wilds of Europe for a time! We are excited for her to bring back many new tunes and inspiration from her time abroad, studying music at some phenomenal international fiddle camps.

Work continues on the No Pardon album, thankful for the steadfast assistance of our studio engineer Marc Jeffares. He and I are churning out new ideas and envisioning where the songs can go, gradually making this piece of art into a reality. We are excited to feature a number of friends and wonderful local musicians... it's coming along week by week, and I'm more stoked every time a song starts to reach a general stage of completion. I can't say it enough... I am SO very grateful to live in a community that's brimming with creative potential and imaginative artistic action. No Pardon will also be at the Folk Life Fest on Thursday July 12, at 5pm.

A few more gigs this summer with the Bowlick's, this Saturday you can catch us playing at a tasty Lost Coast Rotaract Food & Wine Benefit for the Geologists Without Borders, who are going to build a water treatment plant in the rural region of Zurite Peru. That benefit will be at the Wharfinger building in Eureka. In August, Jesse will be moving, and the Bowlick's are going to be on a longer-term standby as he journeys onward with his partner to the bay area. Hoping to play one more show before he leaves town!

Lots of adventures await! No Pardon will be touring later this summer, so if you want to hear us, send us a line and we would be delighted to book a show near you! We will be in the Sierras for a festival called the Lost Sierra Hoedown this September (20-23 in Johnsville CA). We'd love to see you there, highly recommend this fest for a good time.

Thanks for tuning in!