Beginning & Intermediate Irish Fiddling w/ Rosalind Parducci

Dell'arte South Room, Blue Lake

For this course, Northern California fiddler Rosalind Parducci will demonstrate techniques and ornamentation in beginning to intermediate level Irish fiddling. Attending fiddlers will learn a tune, and have the chance to learn and practice the left hand ornaments: i.e. flicks, rolls, and slides in the context of the tune. She will also provide pointers for bow technique. Rosalind began playing Irish fiddle as a teen at the sessions in Grass Valley, CA, and over the years she has had the opportunity to study with a number of master fiddlers in the tradition: Martin Hayes, Liam O'Connor, and Liz Knowles, to name a few. Rosalind's approach to the fiddle draws upon her experience in improvisation, with a broad range of musical influences and voicing incorporated into her playing. She enjoys helping students get the most tone they can from the fiddle, and regards each tune as a way to experiment and play with sound.