Newcomer-Musician's Workshop for Adults

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Westhaven Center for the Arts, 501 S. Westhaven Drive, Trinidad

Play with Music: Instrument Experiment Day in Westhaven for Adults

This is a two-part event, and both are inclusive and community-driven. The first part is a music workshop/community sing (for people of all ages, specifically aimed towards adults wanting to explore a musical instrument/open up their voice!). The second part is a concert featuring workshop host, Samara Jade, hailing from the east coast.

Are you a somebody who has thought about taking up an instrument? Maybe you played piano, or violin, or flute as a child, then for whatever reason gave it up. Maybe you always wished you had tried an instrument, but then life happened, and years went by, and you still think about it at moments, wistfully. Well, whist ye not anymore, NOW is the time to try out an instrument, test your voice, and to take that step towards being the musician you want to be.
On March 16, join us at the Westhaven Center for the Arts for a beginning musician’s workshop/community sing for pre-musicians who have a passion to grow into, or just a long-prevailing curiosity about what you might be able to do if you just let yourself give it a try! Co-hosting this workshop are Westhaven Musician-in-Residence, Rosalind Parducci, and migrating musician and experienced workshop facilitator Samara Jade, riding the winds from the east coast to share her musical passion and creative flow process.

Instruments provided, or you can bring that one that's been collecting dust for too long! Come with your beautiful hearts and open minds and let’s get this thing rolling!

Workshop will take place from 4-6pm, you are welcome to come anytime. Suggested donations on a sliding scale, from $5-20.

About your hosts: Samara Jade is a modern folk troubadour and musical seamstress who stitches together a unique tapestry of sounds from diverse musical strands, including but not limited to folk, jazz, soul, blues, and Appalachian old-time. Her songs cut through truth, open hearts, stimulate minds, and could fall into the nutshell of a fan-coined genre, "Philosopholk." Whether she is performing solo or with her acoustic trio, Samara's intricately groove based guitar playing and acrobatically emotive voice is bound to get you dancing, crying, laughing - maybe all at the same time!

Rosalind Parducci is an improvisor, composer, wordsmith, and musical mad-scientist. She plays free-form poetry on the fiddle, voice, mandolin, and guitar. Her songs invite listeners on a musical odyssey, tinted by the pigments of jazz, pop and blues. Her lyrics are generated from the place where the modern everyday intermingles with folklore and mythos. She has a penchant for traditional and new folk fiddle tunes from America, Ireland and Scotland, with rhythms inspired by the ebb and flow of the natural world.