Album Release

Hey friends!


Exciting happenings afoot! No Pardon will be releasing our debut album, Whisper, set to go online on April 26th, with 2 local album release concerts on April 27th and 28th. With over a year in the making, and featuring a number of collabs with musicians in the area, we couldn't be more thrilled to let this piece of art loose for your listening.

There is a peculiar, unique feeling that accompanies this release of a series of creative endeavors... it's like the unfurling of a wing, still damp after taking form in chrysalis.

I've been hearing a couple of our tracks on local radio! You can follow No Pardon on social medi, facebook and instagram, to stay up to date. We will be sending out email updates as well, so if you're on our mailing list, you can expect a free track from the album for early listening.

Pre-order a copy now, and help us recover our expenses to make the album. <3 We would love to see you at a show, if you buy a ticket and album together, you can also pick your copy up at one of the two shows.

To preorder, go to: