Mother's Day Love

Happy Mother's Day! 

My mom is a musician, she plays everything... piano, harp, guitar, flute and recorder, sings like a kween, and is a fairy dancer goddess diva lover soulship. 
She raised me to be a wild free spirit, an adventurer, a gypsy, a poet, and a hardcore romantic. 
I have so much admiration for the fierce work she has done through her spirit journey, building with her every force to increase access to the potential for both personal and universal synergy and alignment. 
I will always love this woman, and her well of inspiration, her ability to surmount challenge and hardship, her fekless rekless inner jester, her motivation to be honest even when life is super heady and complicated. She has done so much to embetter the quality of life for the people she works with, and continues to strive for balance (fellow Libra <3). I've watched her commune with a Great Spirit through a boundless sanctity in nature, and am inspired to this day by the work she has done to overcome. 

Today's gig is in honor of the work we all do to connect to the Mother, in her many majestic, oddball, sweet, fierce, funky, badass, interconnected iterations. I have many women in my life to thank for their kindred energy and for the esteemed life journey we have the pleasure of sharing. 

Big Love, 

Rosalind Parducci