New Year incoming

Hello! If you are just checking out my site, I want to wish you a joyous and revelatory, heart-opening 2019.

I have a couple updates:

The No Pardon album-  we're down to 5 tracks to finish mixing, 7 complete! You can listen to Cala Lilly, posted in my website's Music section.

I have been selected to do a Musician-In-Residence at Westhaven Center for the Arts for the year of 2019. I was asked some questions by the Times-Standard about this residency, and I will post this below:

How does it feel to be selected as a WCA artist in residence? 

When I first moved to Humboldt, I was inspired to find out about WCA and the community programming and art space that the organization provides. I soon became aware that there was a Musician-in-Residence position, and sent an email describing my background as a musician, and that I was interested in being the MIR. 

I believe that it is so important to have trust in life's processes, and to sew the seeds of the things we want to see in our lives. Three years later, I am excited and honored to be creating and sharing my explorations in music in the coming year at WCA as the MIR. 

Tell me a little bit about your work as a musician, and the type of music you create. 

I have been a songwriter for most of my life. I was raised on a solid diet of the Beatles and Beethoven. When I started listening to alternative and mainstream pop music as a teen, I was inspired by the simple chord progressions, and the seemingly infinite well of instrument sounds that could be brought into a song. I started playing my mom's old nylon-string guitar when I was 13, and writing tunes on the viola while I was playing in a couple orchestras. Years later, I got into writing instrumentals and messing around on an electric violin, which I aspire to get back into. 

One of my biggest resources has been my ability to perceive extraordinary things in the realm of the everyday... I have an elaborate, romantic imagination. 

I am known locally for my fiddling, sitting in with string bands for various events (the Folklife Festival is a big one). My Humboldt trio, No Pardon, is due to release an album this winter, which features mostly original material. 

What do you hope to contribute as an artist in residence in 2019? 

I have been meditating on this idea about bridges in the past couple months. Every type of bridge; for me it's about that connective quality, the crossing between places. It is my intention to create music that inspires others to bridge the divides and seemingly impassible distances they perceive in their own lives. I look forward to translating thoughts and sentiments with this theme in mind into a solo album this year, and I am stoked at the prospect of collaborating with local artists to get different interpretations on the idea of a bridge. 

Will you be offering any special programs during your residency? 

I will be working with WCA to host a series of collaborative sonic art evenings, where I plan to connect local artists exploring similar themes. I will be demonstrating different ways to interact with music, and creating space for people to ask questions about process, opening opportunities for community members to make some music in a judgment-free, experimental art environment.