Steady the boat with your donations

Dear Friends,

I really hope this finds you well. As you may or may not know, I've got an album coming with my band No Pardon..... and so much more art in the works!

The reality of all this creative vision-questing is that there are continuous and necessary costs to maintain a practice as a creative, musician, and performing artist. This is a letter of appeal to request the support of my home crew.

Ongoing Support

I have recently created a Patreon Account. If you are not yet familiar with this forum, it's basically a way for you to be a subscriber, tending the garden the of songs. Your ongoing support makes a huge difference- is, in fact, vital.

You can give a couple dollars on up, whatever fits your budget. AND it comes with artistic gifts that I will send your way, including some regular contact if you want to get on the mailing list. If you're the old-school type, and you'd rather snail-mail me your support, send me an email at: and I would be happy to work with you that way. Do you like getting real live letters and postcards as much as I do? I will pledge to send you a postcard in return for your backing. <3

Become a Monthly Backer


New Happenings

I'm bouncing around in the Arcata area, subletting rooms in the homes of some local female artists for the next few months, planning on some ongoing recording projects, and writing and arranging music continuously.  The No Pardon album release is coming up, and I am already getting geared up to put some singles out. By the end of this year, I hope to produce my first solo album. I am always open and on the lookout for more amazing places to share my music, and to sharing tunes for your special occasions, for dances, weddings, gatherings, what have you! Let me know if you want music at an event in the coming year!

On the continued education-exchange front, I recently had a synergistic exchange with a wonderful local violinist, and he informed me about a music gathering/workshop happening on the Klammath next week. Turns out it was put together rather sporadically, and it features a number of amazing folk artists, some local and some from around the world.

I am planning on attending, and I need support to make that happen. My vision in doing this workshop is to bring more ideas and tunes to the community, and to hold future workshops inspired by what I learn.

Here's the teaching/visiting artist lineup for this intimate gathering:

Roger Tallroth - Uppsala, Sweden ~ guitar, Swedish traditional music, overall musicality, harmony) 

John Herrmann Asheville, NC ~ old-time banjo, fiddle, songs, ensemble groove 

Elise Leavy New York, NY ~ voice, songwriting, guitar 

The Bee Eaters: 

Simon Chrisman ~ bass, rhythmic integrity, composition, groove, hammer dulcimer) 

Tristan Clarridge ~ cello, fiddle, ensemble listening, arranging) 

Tashina Clarridge ~ fiddle, overall musical life vision, Irish, oldtime, Texas fiddle)


Years ago, I recorded one of Roger Tallroth's pieces on an album, so the opportunity to work with him next week is enormous!

Josephine's Waltz on Spotify by Stringtown Ambassadors

I would like to raise $400 for this venture! Your help and ongoing support is so very appreciated, as I embark on more learning and sharing with the community.

If you don't feel like you can donate right now, i.e. too many demands on the pocket-book, stressful times, I get it! I send you love, and will keep sending music your way (unless you ask me not to) ... and you can always just share the music!