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March Music Madness- Debriefing 

So a lot's been going on here musically... hence this update. Expect more soon.

The album recording continues with No Pardon, and a new video of a song I wrote a few years back will be surfacing soon! 

No Pardon has a string of shows coming up in April, including a show at Humbrew's on the 14th that you will want to see, and on the 15th we will be at the Westhaven Center for the Arts! We are gearing up for our album release in June, and are excited to share the material with you over the next couple months. 

In other news, a new band has emerged, with Summer McCall on cello, Britt Smith on the swingin' guitar, and yours truly on the feedle: Port Mooncall.

I posted a video of Summer and I performing a traditional Irish tune, Gallagher's Frolics, filmed by our friend Jake Glasser. Check it out under this post.

We don't yet have a website, but we've been making a local splash this past Paddy's Day with our Neo-Celtic sound. Here's a link to a candid, close-up interview and tunes with local reviewer and writer for the Hum, Bob Doran:

(please refrain from judging for the awkward beginning of this video... we were caught on candid camera)

More shows TBA! Thanks for checking out the site!







February goodness 


This week I'm playing a couple shows with Ben Walden in the north country of Corvallis OR and Astoria OR. Catch up with me online, I'll be posting pics and stories on social media. Mayhaps set up a live stream at one of our shows this week! 

The above drawing is a sweeet rendering of this fiddler by my friend Chas Coffman.

With No Pardon:

We are in studio once again, working on a OUR FIRST FULL-LENGTH ALBUM in a warm little sound cabaña in Eureka.... here's a sideways glance at Earnest, our most estimable bass, keeping the digital cockpit company between takes. 

Exciting to feature the drums of Sam Kaplin-Good on this album, among other lovely tones. Getting a bit of an indie rock edge in some of our new songs. 

I'm so pleased with the progress we are making. Can't wait to share it with everybody. 

Stay tuned, 


Ring, ring-a-ling, it's 2018 

Welcome to my site, to a new year, one that is hinting to be musically explorative, dynamically in-the-flow, and *empowering for female artists across the globe*

I am presently in Peru, writing from the third story apartment of my brother and familia. In between busking in cambios (little rocket-speed buses that zip around on rickety wheels), cooing and coddling my newborn nephew, puppy-snuggling and adventure-scheming (some things stay the same <3), I have been working on a new composition on the mandolin that I wrote in dedication to my nephew (sobrino, en español), Canción para Noah.

Life is full, and it's an odd and precious balance that I feel as the page turns to 2018. Being in Peru is so real, it's surreal. There's a constant drive of city-tones. Cacophonous symphony of horns and children hollering, dogs baying in a staccato triple-metre, and the constant rumble of motors like a collection of nearer and distant hives. It is such an enormous gift to visit my brother, and to be present at this time in the lives of my sister and nephew. I brought the mandolin with me for this venture, leaving behind my trusty fiddle for a few weeks. It feels good to be working on rhythm, chords, and picking technique more intensively. And of course, my brother has an acoustic guitar that I have been playing a lot since I got here, a Yamaha (like mine, but not) DWX-7C.

In February and March I'll be recording with No Pardon on our first full-length album, at the studio of my bandmate Chris' good friend, Marc Jeffares. Marc recorded our awArd-wiNning song (we placed third in a local rock radio station's, KWPT The Point, Cover Song Contest) written by Nick Lowe, (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding.

Also in the works is the second annual north coast mini-tour. I'm stoked to be playing again with guitar-wizard Ben Walden for a few shows in February, TBA.

I'll be posting a few new singles soon!

Thank you for tuning in, hope to jam in a town near you very soon.

Rosalind Parducci




March Tour 

Got back last night after a week on the road. I am so grateful that I had the company of my dear friend Laurel, expert in go-with-the-floetry, positive heckling, puppies, and keeping it real. <3 
A brief recap:
On Thursday I played a solo set at Oberon's Restaurant and Bar in Ashland. Then it was on up to Portland for a rockin-raucous Paddy's Day house show, where I thoroughly enjoyed jamming with Ben Walden and his band, Nevada Sowle and Richard Crookston. We played another show at the Armory Skatepark in Astoria the following day. (I attempted a brief pre-show experiment on a skateboard involving my fiddle *kids don't try this at home*) 
Arrived to the steep streets of a mellow Seattle, where it rained sporadically, with stretches of sun that almost fooled me into thinking it was spring. After a visit with old friend and soon-to-be doctor Mackenzie Hild, we met up with touring minstrels from the east coast Nicolas Horner and Lucas Chohany, aka Nick and Luke, and played at the Outlander Brewery and Pub on 36th St, joined fortuitously by army vet turned singer-songwriter Caleb Tesnow. I met Caleb weeks ago in Arcata leading up to his trek north, and it was a pleasure to see him setting up his roots in Seattle while planning his future long-term tour.
Great to party with the Pony House: Brendan Bishop, Susannah Thiel, Casey Baird, Andrew, and Sarah! Thanks to our wonderful musician friends for hosting us and providing your hospitality, Lisa Lipton, Steve Hunter, Caitlyn Faircloth, Farhad Tyabji! :) They say it takes a village... for a traveling musician, the village is a remarkable collaboration of many individuals from many villages.
Till the next time! 


Previous events


The Bowlicks

The Sanctuary, 1301 J St, Arcata

Rosalind Parducci on fiddle, Jesse Alm on cello, Nate Zwerdling on upright... we'll be playing classically inspired fiddle tunes and original songs at the classic, lovely Sanctuary in Arcata.


Private Event: Wedding


No Pardon @ Humbrews

Humbrews, Arcata

Listen to our pre-release performance of our upcoming album at the local hotspot in Arcata! Co-bill TBA...

Port Mooncall @ Cafe Mokka

Cafe Mokka, Arcata

This is a special opportunity to catch the new band, Port Mooncall, in the intimate setting of the North Coast's only Finnish Cafe, complete with sauna and tubs. Listen to Neo Celtic tunes while you sip hot beverages, maybe get a sauna before or after tunes... relax and rejuvinate with us. <3


No Pardon @ The Eagle House

 —  —

The Eagle House, Eureka

Performing in Eureka's latest trendy tavern and cocktail lounge, located adjacent to the Eagle Inn. Enjoy our new music with a tasty beverage.

No Pardon @ Six Rivers

 —  —

Six Rivers Brewery, McKinleyville

No Pardon's first show of 2018! Grab a beer, have a house-made pretzel with some beer cheese, listen to what we're cooking up with our new material!

Ben Walden, Rosalind Parducci, The Hackles at The Albatross

The Albatross, Astoria

A rockin' February night of folk and jammy rock vibes in Astoria, featuring solo material from Ben Walden, Rosalind Parducci, and local band The Hackles.


Palentines Day at Bomb's Away

 —  —

Bomb's Away Café, Corvallis

Two friends from different states, California and Idaho, gather to celebrate friendship and music this Valentine's Day at Corvallis' music hotspot, Bomb's Away Café. Come celebrate with us!


Summer McCall & Rosalind Parducci

Humboldt Herbals, Eureka

The second Arts! Alive of 2018, enjoy some fine fiddling with Summer and Rosalind, at Humboldt Herbals, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary!


Rosalind Parducci & Friends @ Arts Happy Hour

 —  —

Clarke Plaza, Eureka

The Ink People Collective are hosting an ongoing summer plaza event featuring live music, brews, and local crafts. Rosalind Parducci will be performing with Britt Smith and Nate Zwerdling for this wonderful event in Old Town Eureka.


Beginning & Intermediate Irish Fiddling w/ Rosalind Parducci

Dell'arte South Room, Blue Lake

For this course, Northern California fiddler Rosalind Parducci will demonstrate techniques and ornamentation in beginning to intermediate level Irish fiddling. Attending fiddlers will learn a tune, and have the chance to learn and practice the left hand ornaments: i.e. flicks, rolls, and slides in the context of the tune. She will also provide pointers for bow technique. Rosalind began playing Irish fiddle as a teen at the sessions in Grass Valley, CA, and over the years she has had the opportunity to study with a number of master fiddlers in the tradition: Martin Hayes, Liam O'Connor, and Liz Knowles, to name a few. Rosalind's approach to the fiddle draws upon her experience in improvisation, with a broad range of musical influences and voicing incorporated into her playing. She enjoys helping students get the most tone they can from the fiddle, and regards each tune as a way to experiment and play with sound.


Folklife Festival: Summer McCall & Rosalind Parducci

 —  —

Dell'arte Amphitheatre Stage , Blue Lake

These two fiddlin' fiends join forces to bring a host of Scottish tunes and original pieces to life. Both Summer McCall and Rosalind Parducci grew up in the unique culture that is the Northern California Scottish fiddle scene. The two female fiddlers met and began playing together for the first time in Humboldt this year, with McCall on cello, and Parducci on fiddle. The collaboration is a joyous merging of two age-old instruments, and the creative minds of two free-spirited artists.

This performance is part of a free music and workshop day hosted by the Humboldt Folklife Society.

Folklife Festival: No Pardon @ Annie & Mary Day

Perigot Park, Blue Lake

No Pardon performs for the second consecutive year at the Folklife Festival's Annie & Mary Day, celebrated in the lovely town of Blue Lake. This is an all-day, family friendly event and it's FREE! Come celebrate the summer with some great live music.

Rogue's Gallery and No Pardon @ Humbrews

Humbrews, 856 10th St, Arcata

Rogues Gallery is an up and coming centerpiece in today’s Americana and Alternative Country music. The diverse five-member band resides on the Redwood Coast of Northern, California in the artistic boomtown of Arcata. Emotion pours through the songs written about the American life that has all but vanished. The simple and elegant melodies played on pedal steel and electric guitar along with the sophisticated sounds from the acoustic stand-up bass are woven through stories and accompany lyrics to creates timeless tunes. The acoustic guitar sets the tone for rich harmonies that are worthy of a Sunday pew, while the steady drum beats make you want to jump up from your seat and groove. JJ Cale, Jason Isbell, Ryan Adams, and Sturgill Simpson are inspirational and have influenced the sound of Rouges Gallery. The original music and style of Rogues Gallery leaves the listener with a reflective sense of ease and contemplative note of satisfaction.

No Pardon is a rippin' folk music trio born in Eureka CA. Comprised of singer-songwriters Chris Parreira (guitar) and Rosalind Parducci (fiddle), and Amber Grimes on upright bass, this band was conceived in January 2016. No Pardon features conceptually fluid songwriting; they are groove-tight, and inexorably creative.

Parreira's rhythm guitar is chunky and delectable, an articulate mash-up between folk, funk, and country. Imaginative and other-worldly fiddling brought to you by the musical mad scientist, Dr. Parducci. And undeniably, it's all about that bass, with Amber Grimes holding it down- she pays the band's gravity bill.

Guerilla Show @ Summer Thyme's

 —  —

Summer Thyme's Cafe

I snuck into Grass Valley late Thursday night for Mother's Day weekend: I'll be at Summer Thyme's picking geetar n fiddling n singing. 🎻

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