Bow to Bridge Project

You're invited to participate and tune into this exciting journey, a collaboration in the north coast musician and artist community based around the vision of interconnection and communication and healing in the beginningless mandala of social, political and spiritual uplift.

It is my intention to create music that inspires others to bridge the divides and seemingly impassible distances they perceive in their own lives. I look forward to translating thoughts and sentiments with this theme in mind into an album this year, and I am stoked at the prospect of collaborating with local artists to get different interpretations on the idea of a bridge.

This musical offering is intended as fodder for the broader community, a distillation of one artist’s interpretation of how to be a bridge, in my own life and relationships, and perhaps in a broader sense, within society. Some of this will be through songwriting, some through creative processes I have yet to explore.

Included in this stretch of a year, I will be offering quarterly shows to share my creative process, and to include other musicians and artists in that space. It is my hope that through these shows, people can feel invited to approach their own creative calling from another perspective. I also see these live performances and workshop spaces as oppportunities for the community to see my process as I build this project up. It takes a lot of drafting and mess-making to build an idea, and the process is everything... not to be cliché, but it’s all about the journey.

I think a lot of people have no idea what it takes to create a piece of art, and as an artist I have always enjoyed giving some peeks into the journey as it occurs. I want to offer that to the community, and will also live stream these shows for people from outside the community to tune in and be part of it all.

Stay tuned!


No Pardon