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  1. Mary

From the recording Whisper

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By Rosalind Parducci © 2019

Dedicated to that lonely place where the stars shine brightest.

Feat. Guest Vocalist, Allison Anders, who's a good person to explore with and can hold her own.


Mary can I call you
When I'm sitting alone on the beach
Got your number on speed dial
Though you're sometimes hard to reach

You see the moon is rising
and I'm wading with bare feet
Do you remember the time, the time
Mary, we've seen it all

Between the two of us
Words are often lost
Cuz you've got the vault of choice
And I'm the one who'll pay the cost

When I think about us Mary
And the darkness that fills the sky
You're the constant of a distant star
Near as a lullaby

No escape for the weary
Mary can I borrow your gown
No escape for the wicked
Mary you can wear my crown

Mary can I call you
when everyone's yellin' at god
You told me that you're nobody's daughter
then you laughed and turned to smoke and fog

You're a winking sundog
Glinting on the tracks
You told me when the train arrives
You ain't never
comin back