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  1. Calla Lilly

From the recording Whisper

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Calla Lilly

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By Rosalind Parducci © April2019

This is a dedication to the plants that keep lucid and brilliant in all types of weather, emanating their own sort of light, and to the newborns who didn't really know what was coming when they first broke through.

Feat. Sam Kaplin-Good on drums.


Callallilly lullaby, circling song
February Moon by the Big peace Pond
Bundle Up trundle Baby, listenin' bond
Calalilly Turtle Rock moon song

Pper and stone and a pair for the road
Drive by callalilly, frog and toad
Dance, little one, nymph in the trees
Chrysalis WingSong, you can change when you please

Moonstone, paper wish
burns on the beach
rise young callalilly open your fist

Gift you a callalilly, gift me a laugh
Turtle Rock starfy, cuddle in the grass

Open your eyes
Boats on the bay
Wind in the Redwoods
It's a new day

Callalilly lullaby, circling song
February moon by the Big peace Pond
Heartbeat Callalilly eyes all aglow
Turtle Rock starfly, Callalilly grow

Turtle Rock Starfly, Callalilly grow